About Us

About TwoChiefs

At TwoChiefs, our roots run deep in the rich soil of ancestry and tradition. We seek to honour Indigenous design and artistry, inspired by a legacy of leadership and activism. Our founder, Kirkland Douglas, draws his strength and vision from his lineage - a family history marked by two Chiefs and his journey as a two-spirit artist.

The Legacy

Kirkland's father, Lincoln Douglas, served as Chief of the Cheam First Nation and is a respected businessman with accolades such as top Aboriginal business of the year. His grandfather, Sam Douglas, known as ‘Hielamacha’ (Warrior on the Water), was a revered leader, Grand Chief, and a radical activist. Their teachings and experiences, shaped by both triumph and adversity, have empowered Kirkland in his artistic journey.

Our Essence

TwoChiefs stands as a testament to this rich lineage. It's more than just a brand; it's a mission to educate and inspire through Native art. Our products, ranging from vibrant children's items to elegant kitchenware, are not just items for sale; they are pieces of a story - each infused with the spirit of our culture.

For the Little Ones

Our children's collection is designed to be both educational and fun, turning learning into an adventure. These items are more than playthings; they are tools for cultural connection, helping young minds explore and appreciate the depth of our heritage.

Kirkland's Journey

Kirkland, known for his appearance as a charming former rodeo champion on "Farming for Love" Season 2, brings a unique blend of country and city life to his work. His journey back to the farm and to his roots in the Cheam First Nation has been a story of self-discovery and a return to the values close to his heart.

Our Commitment

At TwoChiefs, we are 100% Native-owned, Native-designed, and committed to fair trade. Our mission is to uplift Indigenous artists by proliferating art that speaks of our history, our struggles, and our triumphs. Each piece we offer is a celebration of Indigenous culture, designed to connect, inspire, and resonate.

Join Our Story

We invite you to explore our collection, learn from our stories, and be part of a movement that values authenticity, inspiration, and artistic expression. At TwoChiefs, every item has a story, and we're here to share it with the world.